The only solution for soaking clothing on the go!


I gave these as a spontaneous gift for two mom friends. They LOVED it!


I’m so glad I discovered these listening to the “How I Built This” podcast. I ordered them immediately and they are great. Total lifesaver to have in my bag!


I bought these for my sister as one of her baby shower gifts. She absolutely loves them.


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How it works

Place garments inside

Add 1-3 cups of water

Remove tape to expose adhesive

From the center, fold tape in half and press firmly outward toward the edges

Firmly pinch corners to complete seal

From the top, roll bag tightly and secure with locking tape

* Please keep in mind the adhesive seal is amazing! Once sealed you must use scissors to remove garments.


liquid tight by design

Our bags are designed to seal and lock in all the bad. Put the mess in something you can trust. 

soaking contents

Inside each bag is a single serve capsule with a pre-soaking formula, free of harsh chemicals. Our solution is specially formulated to help prevent stains from setting, and work as the interim solution prior to a full wash cycle.

disposable and sized for travel

Single use for easy clean up. Specifically designed for your garments on the go. 

Created out of necessity