Guidance Guide Reviews Wash. It. Later.

     By: Michelle R @thelittlestadventures

 I know I’m not the only parent out there who is constantly spraying their kid’s clothes before washing them, only for the stain they forgot about to not come out. Am I right, or am I right? On a serious note, I am lucky to have two boys who actually aren’t THAT messy. They like to get into things from time to time, but they really don’t like having messy hands or clothes. The first time I introduced my oldest to finger paints it was almost as if I was sticking his hand into hot lava, he wanted nothing to do with squishy hands. Not all messes can be avoided though. Falling outside in the mud, coloring with markers and forgetting the lid is still off or eating messy meals.

I almost ALWAYS remember (I said almost) to bring both of my kids a change of clothes whenever we leave the house, whether it be out to eat or out to a theme park or just to the in laws…I know that messes and accidents happen. My biggest issue with this though is when I change them, I end up sticking their soiled clothes into the diaper bag—most likely wrapped in a grocery bag of some sort, and the mess just sits and soaks itself into the clothing. If we’re staying overnight somewhere where we don’t have access to a washing machine, those dirty clothes will stay dirty until we get back home to wash them.

When I found Wash. It. Later, I was totally intrigued and of course asked myself…why didn’t I think of that?! I knew that this product would be the newest parent go-to for on the go messes and a diaper bag must have. Wash. It. Later. is a brand started by a mom, Hannah, who is no stranger to messes. She wanted a better option for her kid’s soiled clothes rather than throwing them out or sticking the mess directly into her diaper bag, and she found one!

Does it work?
YES! The spots were BARELY visible after removing from the wash…so much so that I didn’t bother washing it again, it may have even been my imagination that I thought I saw a bit of red still. I did spray with Shout before washing because keep in mind, this isn’t a stain remover, it just pre-soaks making spots easier to remove.

Because my child is all into bibs these days and won’t eat without them, I experimented at home when all of his bibs were “dirty”. My kids LOOOOVE spaghetti or any other pasta, so I brought out the red sauce for this one. To my delight, my youngest was an absolute mess after eating. It was in his hair, on his face, all the way down to his toes. He clearly knew I needed something good to work with. Before even cleaning his face, I took off his shirt and placed it into the soak and save bag, added 3 cups of water, sealed the bag, and placed it into my diaper bag. In true mom fashion, I brought the diaper bag inside and then completely forgot that his soiled shirt was inside. I remembered the next day and cut open the bag (remember, that seal is forever!) and poured out the water. You could still see the sauce on his shirt, but it wasn’t as bad as it was when I placed it into the bag. I sprayed the visible spots with Shout and put his shirt into the wash with the rest of my kids clothing and to my surprise, the sauce stain was practically gone!

For big messes, I would suggest rinsing the garment first because no one wants to dump out a bag of watery poop the next day. But really, I can’t even imagine how many onesies could have been saved in my kid’s newborn blowout days if I had had these. I would definitely recommend this product to all new parents and all seasoned parents, and they don’t have to just be limited to babies and kids, adult clothes can fit too!