Wash. It. Later. meets Mom Blogger 😍


I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been out and had one of the kids get food all over there clothes, or worse, the baby have a massive blowout that pretty much ruins their outfit.

If you read my post about when we took our one way flight to move to Las Vegas, then you may remember my little story about how Connor had a huge blowout on the 4+ hour flight, at only about an hour in. He ended up coming off that flight with just a diaper on and a blanket wrapped around him. I actually put his outfit in a plastic bag and handed it to the flight attendant who collected our trash during the flight.

I was pretty bummed to just throw away one of my little newborn baby’s outfits. I actually keep my favorite outfits from when each baby is a newborn, so throwing outfits away is the worst. I wish there was a way I could’ve saved that outfit, but I knew by the time we landed, and finished at the airport, then got to our car, then home (where the last thing I’d be thinking about was that outfit).. it just wasn’t salvageable. Plus, it stunk.

Fast forward a few months (and 100 food stained clothes and blowouts later), and I found out about this amazing little product that I wish I had known about sooner. Wash. It. Later. First off, let me say that the inventor of this product, Hannah, is one of the sweetest girls and you can read all about how this product started here.

I was gifted this product from Wash.It.Later. in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you, Wash.It.Later., for supporting this blog.

When you order this product, it includes three liquid tight soak & save bags. Each fully recyclable bag contains a single serve, all natural, hypoallergenic soaking pod. These are perfect for baby blow outs, spit ups and spills while on the go. Isolate the mess and begin treating clothes before the stains set in!

This product is so simple, yet brilliant, especially because before it came about, there really weren’t any other solutions to storing soiled clothing. And certainly nothing fighting those stains before you could get home. There are times when I actually just couldn’t bring myself to throw away a super cute outfit, so I’d find a bathroom sink, soak the clothing, give it a good squeeze and then wrap paper towels around the clothing and stick it in my diaper bag? Moms, I know you’ve been there.

This is my new favorite thing to pack in my diaper bag. When things get messy, I toss in the clothing with the pod already inside and add 1 to 3 cups of water, seal the bag and go on about my day. Why didn’t I think of this?? I’m so happy Hannah did! Now those carefully selected outfits I love can be saved from the accidents that are just bound to happen.

What do you think of Wash. It. Later. ?
Mom’s everywhere, you need this in your diaper bag! It also makes a super practical baby shower gift!