My Mary Poppins bag, a.k.a. my diaper bag, is a work in progress. I used to take everything but the kitchen sink when I left the house with Macey early on. I didn’t know what I would need, plus breastfeeding was messy and hard, so I always packed my bag to the brim! With Macey turning one soon (holy moly) I feel like I’ve finally learned to narrow down the items that end up in my diaper bag to only the essentials! I thought I’d share those items with you today.

*some links I’m sharing today are affiliate links meaning I may receive a small commission if you were to purchase an item I’ve linked. 

What’s In My Diaper Bag?

First, you’d probably like to know about the bag itself. I carry the Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Bag and have nothing but good things to say about it! Tons of storage, easy to carry, and goes with everything! I went back and forth about a backpack or an over the shoulder bag and I have to say I love the storage an over the shoulder bag provides. I do have a backpack that I use sometimes for smaller trips.

1. Diapers and Wipes I had to list these first because…duh. I typically buy mine from Costco and specifically love the Kirkland brand!

2. My Wildbird Ring SlingIf you’ve been following my motherhood journey at all, you know I love being a part of the Wildbird flock! Baby snuggles are fleeting but I love how much Macey loves being close to me in these beautiful ring slings. I never leave the house without one of my slings. Many of Macey’s naps have been taken in these slings while we are out and about…and I wouldn’t trade those snuggles for anything!

Woodnymph with rose gold rings is pictured below. This is a double linen sling. 

3. Happy Baby Organic Teething Wafers | Macey loves these and they helped get her ready to eat real food! Her favorite it the blueberry and purple carrot flavor. I never leave the house without about 100 of these because they make for a great distraction at the table if we go out to dinner or a snack in the car if she’s hangry. 😉

4. The RAW Products Heal Stick | A must! This stick is full of all sorts of yumminess; organic coconut oil, almond oil and vitamin E oil, beeswax, shea butter, organic calendula and chamomile flowers, and lavender essential oils. When Macey scratches herself with her fingernail or has a rash I pull out this stick and it works wonders!

5. Wash. It. Later. Bag | Mamas! Has your LO every had a blowout, big spill, or spit up while you are out and about? Wash. It. Later. makes a soak and save bag and ever since I discovered this company I have one with me at all times. Simple add water and your baby’s soiled clothes to the bag, which already includes a hypoallergenic soaking pod, seal it up, and stuff it back into your diaper bag to deal with later.

6. Shopping Cart / Nursing / Car Seat / High Chair Cover Most recently I’ve been using this cover when I put Macey in the shopping cart, but I’ve used this as a car seat cover and a nursing cover, too!

7. A Jacket for Macey & Extra Change of Clothes | Necessary for those chilly afternoons and accidental blowouts or spills. This sweatshirt from @lynnvavancouver is my go-to warm layer to stash in my diaper bag for Macey because it’s a great weight and easily pack-able, it doesn’t take up too much space. I also typically have a onsie for sleeping stashed in there too.

8. Chapstick and Mints for Mom | These were always in my purse pre-baby so obviously I stash them in my diaper bag now. A necessity for me! 🙂 My favorites are EOS chapstick and the white Tic Tacs.

9. Silicone Teether with BristlesMacey loves this teether and with her teeth coming in now, I find I reach for this more and more.

10. Click Lock Weighted Flexi Straw Trainer Cup | Any sippy cup will do but we’ve recently been using this one and loving it! It’s so cute to watch her learning to use a straw.

11. Plum Organics Baby Food PouchThese are quick and easy snacks that are clean and easy to use. I always have one or two of these on hand. I also make my own and use this kit, it’s super easy to use!

12. Soothie PacifierI always have a spare pacifier or two on hand. 🙂 Macey doesn’t need these but it does help to get her to sleep!