About Us



Hi I'm Hannah. I'm the one in the middle. I am married to that handsome guy next to me, who is the brother to that pretty lady on the other side (just to really confuse you). Together, in my living room we started this business.  The story actually begins...(no joke), while watching Shark Tank. After putting our two girls to bed, I came back to the living room and said "You know what someone should invent ..." When I was finished describing my idea, my hubby and sister in law said, "Someone should? No! We should!". Thats when Wash. It. Later. was born. 

As a mom myself, I KNOW...scratch that, I LIVE this problem! 

It's always right in the middle of my errands when the inevitable blowout happens. I have all the typical diaper bag contents... diapers, wipes, and an extra outfit. But then as if I'm not already in enough of a pickle, I have to decide what to do with the clothes that are soiled, stained, and smelly! Before our soak and save bags, my options were bleak. I could wrap the nasty clothes in paper towel and put them back in my diaper bag, or throw them away. What a waste! I wanted to give us another option to get those clothes home, mess free, all the while helping prevent stain from setting in! 

So this is us, our team and our mission! 

Hannah England

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