Soak & Save Value Bundle - 5 Packs
Soak & Save Value Bundle - 5 Packs
Soak & Save Value Bundle - 5 Packs
Soak & Save Value Bundle - 5 Packs

Soak & Save Value Bundle - 5 Packs

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Purchase today and save BIG! Our value bundles are great for extra busy and messy families! Stock up and be ready for the worst of messes. $60 total value. 

Includes 3 - 5 packs of Soak & Save Bags! (15 bags total)

  • Pre-soak baby messes on the go
  • Isolate the mess & smell
  • Prevent stains 
  • Leak proof bag with locking seal
  • Fully recyclable bag and packaging
  • All natural/hypoallergenic solution already inside
  • Designed for the worst messes/one time use

Soak & Save Bags by Wash It Later were created for the absolute worst messes while parenting. Baby blow outs, spit ups, spills, stains, smells, are all inevitable events. These disasters don't care if you're at the park, out shopping, on an airplane, or at your friends house for dinner... We know because we are parents too! Wash It Later bags are designed to isolate and contain the mess. We give you the chance to get the outfits, swaddles, and sometimes your own clothes home safely, and all the while soaking and pretreating the clothing on the spot to prevent stains from setting. 

Each fully recyclable bag contains a single serve, all natural, hypoallergenic soaking pod. Simply place the clothing inside the bag, add water and seal.

Never feel panicked again! Save your sanity, and your baby's clothing from absolute ruin!

From our messy family to yours!

*ANYTIME RETURN POLICY... Seriously! If you're not completely satisfied, send it back and we'll issue a refund!